About Us
A Drop of Clear Water is a privately operated support group for Catholic teens. Our goal is to foster a fellowship among devout Catholic teens, strengthening one another’s faith through a commitment to prayer, charity and chastity.

Our name comes from something Blessed Teresa of Calcutta said to a reporter not long before her death. The reporter noted how Mother Teresa had labored most of her life for the poor, and yet for all her efforts, there was still great poverty throughout the world. He asked her how she felt, having been unable to change the world. Mother Teresa quickly answered him that she had never thought she could change the world. She only wanted to be a drop of clear water through which God’s love could shine. She then invited the reporter to be a drop of clear water as well. “Then there would be two of us,” she said. She asked if he was married. “Ask your wife; then there would be three of us.” Blessed Teresa often said that what she did was not social work. Her heroic acts were done not to improve the standard of living of the third world, but to love. In the poorest of the poor, she saw and loved Christ. Her life was pure: a drop of clear water. And through that small drop shone the brilliance of God’s love so brightly that it reached every corner of the earth, warming even the hardest of hearts.

Blessed Teresa’s invitation to the reporter was an invitation to the whole world: a calling to each one of us. Our country is starving, not for food, but for the truth. We are called to share the truth of our faith with others through the way we live our lives, with purity of thought, word and action, becoming channels of God’s love and grace to everyone we meet; becoming as Blessed Teresa described, a drop of clear water.

Catholic teens may become members by signing the agreement and profession of faith. There are no membership dues, though membership may be revoked at our discretion.
Participating teens agree to take a vow of chastity. They also declare an allegiance to the Holy Father and acceptance of the tenets of The Roman Catholic Church as delineated in The Catechism of The Catholic Church. Seeing fellow teens making these commitments will hopefully help them feel less alone in an increasingly secular and morally lax society. The parents of participating teens agree to be primarily responsible for their children; for their transportation, safety and behavior. Parents are encouraged to sit in on any and all meetings or activities.

The teens have monthly meetings focused on prayer and discussion of their faith. We plan events where members will bring their charity to life by volunteering as a group to those in need. We host nationally known Catholic speakers, such as Jason Evert and Chris Godfrey speaking on chastity. We plan outings and picnics, and an annual retreat.

While members will need to arrange for their own transportation and occasional small expenses, A Drop of Clear Water will cover most major expenses, such as hosting speakers and renting parks and auditoriums. Having freely received, we trust our members will be inspired to freely give, sharing the peace and happiness of their faith with others through their words and actions, living their faith, each becoming, as Blessed Teresa of Calcutta described, a drop of clear water through which God’s love can shine.

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